Lip Essence UV

Healthy, smooth lips

REALFINISH Lip Essence UV provides moisture to lips. It helps preventing dryness and chap on lips. More even lip color can be achieved.


  1. Lasting natural color

This formula naturally colors lips by working with amino acid within the lips.

Instead of colouring lips with rouge, this formula helps lips colors themselves for a soft, natural tone that lasts.

  1. Prevention of dryness

36% composed of essene ingredients (including 11 plant extracts) as moisturizer and oil component

Contains 11 plant extracts*. This serum treatment effectively prevents dryness and chapping.

*Licorice flavonoid, Arnica, Hypericum erectum, chamomile, Tilia japonica, field horsetail, Sage, Archillea millefolium, Malva sylvestris var, mauritiana, Calendula officinalis, Rosemary

  1. Retain moisture

“Marine Collagen” provides a wrapping effect.

Retains moisture evaporating from lips by creating a veil that holds moisture, keeping lips plump.

  1. Non-staining finish

Because lip colour comes from within – dishes do not get stained, and re-application of lip stick is not needed.

  1. UV protection

Protects lips from UV, preventing dullness and dryness.

Apply evenly on lips.