SILKY FIT - Covermark


A fine mist erases pores.

A Micro Press foundation that transforms the concept of powder foundation. Smallest-size micron particles create unprecedented beautiful skin.
Non-flaky texture maintains silky-smooth “beautiful poreless skin.”


  1. Proprietary Micro Press method achieves balance between light, fine texture of loose powder and foundation adhesion.

A Covermark proprietary Micro Press Foundation.

  1. Each particle of powder is fragmentized and distributed from the moment applied to skin. Smallest-size fine micron powder is fully delivered to pores, completely covering areas of concern.
  2. Large and small particles of super-fine powder are aligned evenly over the skin without gaps, and adjacent particles bond firmly to form a Powder Connection Structure that adheres to skin. Foundation does not lift over time.
  3. Features Double Fix Formulation containing a new material that catches and solidifies sebum, the cause of makeup deterioration and lifting. While preventing deterioration, it also improves adhesion to skin, achieving a long-lasting makeup effect.
  4. Exclusive mille-feuille structure sponge that creates silky-smooth, beautiful skin
  5. Formulated with plant extracts (moisturizing components): ginseng, Reishi, aloe
  6. Guards against spots and freckling due to UV rays. (SPF32 PA+++)

For areas with imperfections, dab powder on sponge bit by bit and pat onto the skin to avoid creating a heavy look.

* Do not dampen the sponge. This may cause the foundation’s surface to harden.