Covermark jusme|草本漢方修護粉底霜|Covermark粉底液|粉底持久|遮瑕粉底

<JUSME COLOR> Essence Foundation

The essence-like texture creates an rich and transparent finish.

Contains natural plant extracts (moisturizing component) to soften rough skin and refine skin texture. This foundation is water and sweat proof, which lasts all day long.


1.Spreads over smoothly even on rough skin caused by irregular lifestyle or lack of sleep. Closely fits on skin and keeps it moist for a long time.

2.Long-lasting emulsion type foundation with shine controlling.

3.Contains several types of plant extracts to treat rough skin.

4.Blocks UV rays and prevents dark spots and freckles. (SPF18, PA++)

5.Fragrance free.

Apply after makeup base. Take an adequate amount onto fingertips or sponge and carefully spread across the face.

*Do not use any color-correcting base in order to optimize the effect of <Jusme Color>. Use the same color-based finishing powder afterwards to prevent dullness and create a sheer look.