Bright Up Rouge - Covermark

Bright Up Rouge

One lipstick, single-handedly brighten up the complexion

Covermark’s original that naturally suits all skin tones and imparts a graceful impression.

  1. Covermark’s original <color design based on ‘skin tone theory’> called ‘nuance red,’ with adjusted luminosity, saturation and blue hue to match skin tones.
  2. Employs the original <two-layered coloring structure>. The lips are colored from the inside with the coloring layer, and the additional coating layer adds a transparent color and natural luster to the lip surface for depth and a 3D effect.
  3. Maintains natural luster and moisture, Covermark’s original <high-adhesion luster veil>
  4. For lips that are fully moist, plump and succulent. <Beauty serum content 86%>

Apply evenly on lips.