Moisture Charge Serum - Covermark

Moisture Charge Serum

A multilateral approach toward the inner epidermis

A keratin management serum for use immediately after cleansing that creates an instant sensation of plump, firm moisture and leads you to stable bare skin with no repeated dryness.

  1. A serum to be used directly after cleansing focusing on the keratin layer, which determines the appearance and condition of skin.Immediate” and “fundamental” double approach instantly repairs damaged keratin layer while nurturing a healthy, beautiful, and damage-free keratin layer from within the skin.
  2. Immediate approach beautifies your skin instantly Patented “chitosan spread gel” component permeates inside skin and provides keratin layer with dewy moisture while delivering moist nano capsules with active ingredients throughout the skin. Moist nano capsules release active ingredients to instantly repair the keratin layer, improve moisture retention ability, and lead to moist, plump, smooth skin from within.
  3. Fundamental approach creates a beneficial moisture cycle to nurture a beautiful keratin layer Works on the spinous layer and granular layer, which are the basis for the keratin layer, creating smooth skin from within and leading to healthy, beautiful, and stable bare skin.
  4. Arranges the form of individual spinous cells in the spinous layer.
  5. Then firmly connects well-formed adjacent cells in the granular layer.
  6. Use the “lift press method” to smooth into skin while lifting to improve permeation of chitosan spread gel, distributing beautifying components throughout the face consistently.
  7. Chitosan spread gel permeates within skin to help deliver subsequent skincare products throughout skin and improve skincare effect.
  8. Synergy with seven Chinese medicinal plants, including lingzhi mushroom and ginseng, which have been known since ancient times for their potent skin beautifying effect, achieving significant improvement while being gentle on skin.
  9. Formulated with essential oils (atlas cedar, palmarosa, orange, and more) for a soothing effect that melts away the tiredness of the day. Improves the flow of “vital force” in Chinese medicine and heightens skincare effect.

Use after cleansing and before lotion every morning and night