The key of maintain beautiful skin is the step of cleansing every day.
There are 3 points of cleansing.

If these points cannot be satisfied, it will be stress to the skin. Even use the premium skincare, they cannot do the best result. COVERMARK use the essence oil as basic to develop two types of cleansing products “Treatment Cleansing Milk” and “Treatment Cleansing Oil” to achieve the cleansing beauty. Not only cleaning but also endow the skincare effect to obtain the youth skin.

Improve the flow of cleansing, the silky, smooth, and moisturized skin can be obtained. Start the new habit with COVERMARK’s cleansing beauty.

Sometime the foundation, eye shadow and lipstick left on our face without a deep cleansing. All of these dirty will harmful our skin and create skin problems. COVERMARK advocates the cleansing from inner to outer. Only soft message but speedy clean with nourishing effect. It makes cleansing to be a joy every day.

We can clean all of the dirty on our face but what we need to keep is moisture. The essence cleansing makes the hydration effect more long lasting. After the clean, an moisture veil formed to keep the skin all day moist!

  • Treatment Cleaning Milk

  • Treatment Cleansing Oil

  • Mineral Wash