Do you use skincare in a right way for everyday routine?
Use them in a right way will make the skincare consume more effectively.
Check it out! The easy tutorial video.

You may think that cleansing have nothing special? If you can use COVERMARK’s cleansing items in a right way, you can see the incredible skincare effect. Check it out for the right steps now!

  • Taking 4 to 5 pumps into the palm.

  • Massage over face in a circular motion.

  • Massage the make-up area such as around the eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes.

  • Use water to massage the face in a circular motion till emulsification.

Fully clean even for the heavy make up with the moisturizing effect. High cleanness and not consuming time. The best item for the metropolitan women.

This is a face-wash that improves the skin, which is like done by clay pack in beauty salon, rather than only face-washing. It makes the skin smoothxt and moisture, makeup sits well and good penetration of lotion.

  • Take up an appropriate amount (around 1cm) on the palm. It beat vigorously several times until well-foaming while adding warm water.

  • A palm is hollowed. It mixes and whips, involving in air by the fingertip of the other hand. Then, thick foam is made.

  • Wraps the whole face in the foam, and rub your face down gently, being careful so that palms do not touch skin directly.

  • Treatment Cleaning Milk

  • Treatment Cleansing Oil

  • Mineral Wash