Mineral Wash 125g

The minerals are come from Monaco with deep cleansing effect. It improves the skin rather than face-washing only. The feeling is like done by clay in beauty salon.

Protective film (natural cream) is formed on skin surface after washing.  Marine collagen also coats the skin surface, improves to moisture level.

Licorice extract promotes combination of intercellular lipid and skin becomes refined. Saxifrage extract improves the texture brightens skin by turnover normalization.

The rich and creamy foam can wash without giving friction to skin.

Is it enough to use water to clean our face in morning?

Our skin will excrete oil and dirty during the sleeping time. Only use water cannot do the cleansing process well. The leave down oil and dirty will affect the absorption of the following skincare. Thus, the skin condition as well as the make-up will be affected.

So, please cleansing your face well in the morning!

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