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COVERMARK unique optical technology on the new foundation, collect the light on the skin layer to achieve "optical cover" Create a radiant finish for all complexion.

  • 「Increase the coverage level , translucent and radiant by the effective optical process.Effective refraction and catadioptric at the same time, while the light get into underlying skin layer, it achieved translucent and radiant from the inside and expose to outside.

  • An evaporation of moisture in underlying skin form a layer called moisture veil to keep the skin moist a whole day.
  • Moisture veil enhance the water mirror effect, support the optical process.
  • Moisture veil getting thicken overtime, thus the support the optical effect more effectively to achieve the long time translucent and radiant effect of the make-up.


Powder texture likes fine silty snow , wrapped onto the skin delicately to eliminate pores and fine lines . With sunscreen SPF28 PA +++ to create a protection layer to prevent the problems caused by UV.